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lo-fi burns lo-fi burns

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I need to log in more often. This is quite the experimental piece. It still contains all of that goodie sounds I like from your music but compressed to fit the aesthetics of the genre. And the way that ending melody comes in, just to give a little break from the loop...and then bam! ahhh...all that bit-crushin n' shit.


kjhsdgf responds:

no, newgrounds' audio is a joke.
i do it to say i publish audio.
you da best :D

Freigeist Drug (GAME JAM 6) Freigeist Drug (GAME JAM 6)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is just fucking amazing. I truly enjoyed what you did with the composition in this game. Both compositions have a different feel to them but you kept the continuity by building them parallel to each other, just a different feel. This one has this stream of consciousness feeling to it giving it a dream-like sound which I find fascinating. I am addicted to it, congratulations. 5/5.

Genocide Enthusiasts Genocide Enthusiasts

Rated 5 / 5 stars


lmao. This reminds me of one of those motivational speakers, they go up on stage and get everyone all pumped up and shit and i can just imagine people dancing and cleansing to this. God damn! recently you have been producing more than gold! This is just minimalism perfected, i know you are all about the technical aspect of music but from a composition standard this shit is straight gold. The way you break down to a different time signature like 1:50 in and then you build it up again, the drum breaks are phenomenal! its just holy fucking sick! one of your best no doubt. 1000/5. For the main synth lead what instrument did you use? and how you filtered and experimented with it? cause that was fucking sick.

AliceMako responds:

Heh, the voice samples came from an uwe boll flick called "Rampage".

You'd be right, i broke new ground in terms of composing, though i could argue this is in part due to technical trickery, not least of all my latest discoveries concerning mastering and the fact that reverb is your friend.

The breakdown was meant to mimick a manual rpm slowdown and speed up of a record player, intended to sound fairly messy and i think i pulled it off quite nicely.

Remember the rubber duck sound i mentioned i was after a while ago?

Well i've found it and it turns out they're universally sample based, so i used a sampler, loaded up a synth bass stab then hooked it up to a distortion unit set to modulate, to get it gritty and slightly rattling, then hooked that up to a stereoimager with both high and low band set to mono signal, so the sound wouldn't sweep across the bass and finally added some neutral compression to keep it in your face without being too loud.

Yeah that covers it.

Hills (Kassich) Hills (Kassich)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Pretty chill tune. The rising crash before the drums kick in, maybe lower that just a bit as to not disrupt the chill pattern you have going in the beginning. The arpeggio like sounds that kick in 1:26 another key thing. Pretty solid tune though, not much complain. Five it. I like how you left the drum beat in it at the end, its a good drum beat.

Kassich responds:

thanks for the advice! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Theeketel - Rule of Law Theeketel - Rule of Law

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i feel pressured...

to vote five. I cannot imagine the poor soul who willfully inserts unusual substances into his body and listens to this, but i sure as hell think its a sick way to go. This is just brain melting 101 right here, the repetitive raw hard beat....boom...boom...boom...boom...a gain and again and again. I like that little intermission with the melody before the return of the tune. Five grams of DMT out of Five.

AliceMako responds:

This came about halfway through a sixpack of beer whilst discussing hardtechno with one of the german authors i met here.

Good example of the kiss principle in action i suppose.

Btw nice to hear from you again, almost figured somebody took you up on your soul sale and had you spending your days in a chinese iphone factory ^_-

Theeketel - Ragnarok Theeketel - Ragnarok

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i don't remember the last time a bass drum hit the fan this hard. This truly is fucking amazing...the intro just sets the mood for it and then these drums kick in...god...i gotta take the cum out of my ear that was total eargasm. I imagine the four horsemen coming out to this tune, sick shit. Four horsemen of apocalypse out of Four.

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AliceMako responds:

Thanks, i did this one after a request for it and kinda went overboard pulling out some psytrance staples, i'd say it's a nice showcase though the one i made afterwards features far more sophisticated mastering.

The voice over is from the amiga version of "It came from the desert", which in turn was a nod to a line uttered in 50s horror flick "Them!"

puddle jumping -slunchy puddle jumping -slunchy

Rated 5 / 5 stars


has retro futuristic R.P.G. all over it. Missions like making your wive clean your portable oxygen machine, make your kid join robo baseball, and other male dominating fantasies; but enough about me! This loops flawlessly that is what shines about this composition, you can play it again and again it just feels naturally endless. the backing harmonies are orgasmic and the way the melody builds up makes the orgasm have an orgasm, truly good shit here mate. I give it 5 bears with raging hormones out of 5.

kjhsdgf responds:

dude stepping it up, wow.
thanks fo da comment

fantastical -slunchy fantastical -slunchy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

what is your style?

Nah you is too good for a style. I just name your great god-given shit "slunchyness" and it does not fail to deliver in this banging tune. Those banging drums of yours are as great as ever, 6 non-dissapointments out of 5.

kjhsdgf responds:

thank you :D
you've got this comment-writing talent i like

Jump! [Cmdtrigun] Jump! [Cmdtrigun]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Generic Goodnezz

I see what you did there with the tittle :D (Fits the music.) The main riff is damn entertaining, kudos on it, very polished in composition. I'd Five it. The second half has that hope sound you usually have, and builds on the song. Good job.

Cmdtrigun responds:

Many thanks dude :)

insignificance - slunchy insignificance - slunchy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

-funky it is.

Let me tell you...I rode into this review on a horse that matches that bass. That bass is ridin'...the way it morphed with the beat I just digg' on so many levels, also, the way it makes itself noticed and does not overpower the song, kudos on that too. Left to right ear drumming gives it that surreal taste to this comp...I don't seem to recall such a chill tune of yours like this other than Beast Mode. I'm just curious, do you follow a certain structure where you change the mood of the song halfway into it or is that just the way you roll? Hip hop influence shows in here, you chose the right rhythm to stick it to the drums for this tune.
(insert five here.)

kjhsdgf responds:

bass horse
yes, i liked the drum loop, it's actually just one loop that i offset a coupla times to make the repeated tune accent on different beats, to make it less boring (i hope).

the song's tune was written in standard notation, so i usually lose track of where i am, and start anew; to answer your question it's how i roll, since either i grow bored or can't hold tunes for long (also the nature of writing music means that sometimes you can write yourself into corners sometimes).

and thanks for the review!